Stage4 Ministries Speakers

We would love to share the love of Jesus through the powerful testimony of what God can do in the face of adversity and illness.

The only true hope we have is in Jesus Christ and the good news of His life, death, and resurrection. Are you a business leader, community organizer, pastor or ministry leader and would like to have Steve or Monica Marquez speak at your next event or church service?

We would not only speak, but also partner with you to have a lasting impact on your church through Solace groups, Grace for the Battle and its study guide. We also meet with those who are suffering through illness to listen to their stories personally, encourage, and pray for each one. We love people!

To have us speak, please fill out the form below and let us know a little about your community, church, or event. We will get back to you soon. We are excited to partner with you, and we’ll go anywhere.

*Monica is available for women's events.
Please provide a date of church service or event.
What do your speakers charge?

They do not “charge” anything. We do ask for a table to set up our ministry materials and Steve’s book. Any “love offering” checks can be written out to: Stage4 Ministries. Proceeds from book sales are considered a gift to the ministry.

What accommodations are necessary for the speakers?

When traveling longer than three (3) hours, we ask that travel expenses be covered. This includes a hotel and, if necessary, airfare.

Can expenses be shared between multiple venues, in the same region when traveling?

Yes. Costs can be considerably less if shared between multiple events in the same region when traveling. Our speakers look forward to multiple venues or events to share the hope of the Gospel with as many people as possible.