About us

Welcome to Stage 4 Ministries. It is our desire to love and pray for those who are in their “stage 4” time of life.

Stage Four is a term associated primarily with cancer patients. When cancer metastasizes (moves from one organ to another) a patient is declared to be, “Stage 4.” At that point, the patient is in an “end of life” situation. The cancer is active and on the move.

In some cases, there are drugs and other treatments that can counter the growth and spread of tumors and cells. However, every stage4 cancer patient must prepare themselves for their death. Cancer patients face this in a variety of ways. Cancer is a strange disease. It can appear as though you are completely healthy for years without any symptoms. Therefore, the patient can simply deny that they have the disease and not focus on it. Another way is to become absolutely overwhelmed and not able to cope. They have no hope in this life, nor in the next. Finally, there is acceptance. This patient understands what stage4 cancer means and, although they do not want to die, they have prepared themselves for the eventuality while they are fighting to do all they can in this life.

Stage4 ministries is for all three. We seek to bring hope to the hopeless. We desire to point people to where they can find strength and solace. Stage4 has some unlimited possibilities, and we will eventually realize those, but for now, it is a ministry where stage4 Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) cancer patient, Steve Marquez, shares what he went through, speaking all over the country, encouraging people that there is hope in Christ in this life and the next, and a ministry of prayer.

If you or an immediate family member are fighting cancer of any sort, we’d like to encourage you to sign up for prayer. A group of dedicated prayer warriors will pray together weekly. Others will pray daily.

We will be updating this site with new teachings, helpful articles and a whole host of other helpful information for Stage4 patients and their caregivers. As you peruse the site, please be in prayer for how you might help with the ministry. And, don’t forget about the BLOG section where we will have more up to date updates. May the LORD be with you as you traverse on this path.