On this, the 4 year anniversary of the day Steve received his official stage 3 kidney cancer diagnosis, I wanted to share some prayerful thoughts.

April 21st – 2014 Dr. Tompkins – Confirmed Kidney Cancer, 7cm tumor in kidney by way of CT scan. April 22nd, first meeting with oncologist Dr. Arzoumanian, and another CT scan, this time with contrast. April 23rd, Dr. Arzoumanian confirmed 7cm tumor that had spread to renal vein. Stage 3.

I can’t speak for anyone of the millions of brave cancer survivors and their story, but I can for Steve’s journey.

His journey has been created by our loving God for His purpose, for His kingdom, that He may be glorified in it all, and many given this hope through Steve’s testimony. You see, from the time Steve received his diagnosis of stage 3 renal cell carcinoma; unknown specification, on April , 2014, to his nephrectomy July 2014; it was just a few short months to October and a stage 4 diagnosis. Very rapid. Very aggressive cancer according to pathology.

Instead of surgery, treatment, then cancer free for a long period of time; which has been more of the norm in cancer care past, where one can heal over a period of time and gain physical strength back and live life a little more normal. Steve has been in treatment for cancer ever since October 2014. 3 1/2 years. He’s never been able to have his physical strength back or a time feeling well again. He’s lived in pain through a lot of this time, weak, fatigued and feeling ill often, due to either the treatments or the cancer itself.

Yet God provided the miracle of his being able to walk, which defies medical science. The Lord has enabled him, by His Spirit to get back to pastoring for a couple more years, until he was physically unable to any longer. The Lord gives him the physical strength to be able to teach periodically.

There are literal whole days he has to spend in bed due to extreme fatigue. Some days, just hours. Some days he has enough energy to be up, out and about. Whether he’s in bed with fatigue or a day with enough energy to serve the Lord or enjoy life moments, it’s all in the Lord’s hands.

We have read Streams in the Desert as one of our daily devotions for years. It’s one of our favorites. I had written notes of those 3 days in 2014. (See pic) The verses for these days couldn’t be anymore apropos. The Lord knows what we need.

2 Corinthians is Steve’s Book from the Bible where the Lord has guided him, comforted him, sustained him. I invite you to read it. Sit down with your coffee or tea and meet with the Lord there. He’ll show up, you won’t be disappointed.

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