Is the Lord good all the time? Of course. Steve Marquez shares the power of a testimony out of Psalm 107 where there are four examples of God’s goodness. What happens if we find ourselves in deep trouble that we had nothing to do with? God is good. What happens if we find out that it was our own stupid mistakes that caused our heartache? God is still good.

Message title: God is Good. Click here for audio.

The Way of Intimacy. A message delivered at Calvary Chapel Parker, in Parker Colorado in 2016. At this point Steve’s doctors had said that there were no visible signs of cancer. He was this way for 2 years. Currently he has four sizable tumors in his lungs. (2 in each lung). He is still fighting and this message is still very relevant. Enjoy.

Message title: The Way of Intimacy. Click here for audio.

Rough Seas Ahead

Steve Marquez shares his testimony interwoven in scripture. What do you do when the storm is so bad that your boat is sinking? You look for Jesus and find Him sleeping! Listen as Steve shares about how the Lord brought great encouragement through his darkest hours.

Message title: Rough Sees Ahead. Click here for audio.